For the Youth

“Thank you for coming. I feel better in my body and my head.”

-Unit 6, 2014

“I feel like Hercules!”

-Unit 5, 2012

“See you next week.”

-Unit 1, 2009

Lemonade has an internship opportunity through City Youth Now!

City Youth Now’s Internship Program is designed to prepare youth for employment in a well-supervised and supportive environment. The Internship Program introduces participants to the world of work, allowing youth to gain the self-confidence, career awareness, financial literacy, and interpersonal competencies needed to succeed in the long term. City Youth Now is committed to assisting youth in making a successful transition to healthy adulthood and economic independence.

The Internship Program is designed with maximum flexibility for youth and probation officers to find appropriate placements to meet individual needs. City Youth Now pays youth a limited stipend during their internship with a local business or community organization. A supervising adult agrees to mentor the youth; provide supervision and additional support; and, when possible, help them to find permanent employment. At the end of the program, the youth are required to submit a resume, a cover letter, a letter of recommendation from their supervisor and participate in a mock interview at our office.

To enroll your youth in the internship program, please review the eligibility requirements and submit the application form. If you are interested, please contact City Youth Now’s office at (415) 753-7576 or email them at

Lemonade wants to support your practice!

Generous donors have given us books and new mats to give to our youth at no charge. Youth are invited to contact Lemonade if they would like a free copy of the Forrest Yoga book Fierce Medicine and/or a yoga mat to support their yoga practice. Mats and books can be picked up directly at City Youth Now or Success Center SF, both located at the Juvenile Justice Center. We can also make special accommodations to get a mat or book to you, or help you find a class outside of the hall. We will need you to provide your Probation Officer’s name and phone number, so that we can be in touch!

Please call (415) 985-6266 or email us at