“Thank you for coming. I feel better in my body and my head.”

-Unit 6, 2014

“I feel like Hercules!”

-Unit 5, 2012

“See you next week.”

-Unit 1, 2009

There are many ways to volunteer with Lemonade and make a difference for our youth!


We are looking for dedicated teachers to join our team as volunteers.

Lemonade uses a co-teaching model. We typically have a team of 2-3 teachers. Our classes range from 7 to 18 students. The lead teacher is responsible for teaching the class and demonstrating poses while assistant teachers walk around the room and work with individual students. This model allows us to provide a class that is accessible to students of all levels, and make accommodations for injuries and other special needs.

We currently have classes during the day and evenings throughout the week at Juvenile Hall in San Francisco, and on Saturday afternoons at Log Cabin Ranch in La Honda, CA.

We consider teachers from all lineages, although we adhere to specific class structure, sequencing, and poses that have been crafted to make our offering trauma sensitive, and appropriate for our youth.

Our main mission is to provide a stable, supportive environment for our youth, and we ask that volunteer teachers make a minimum commitment of six months to the program after orientation.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email us at info@lemonadesf.org to receive a volunteer application packet. Our application process includes an initial exploratory phone call and volunteer application with Lemonade, along with an application to the Juvenile Probation Department, and a background check. If selected, teachers must also complete a 2-3 hour online course to be in compliance with PREA (a Federal mandate for all correctional facilities).


In-Kind Donations

Do you have mats, yoga-related books, or meditation cushions? We are always looking for new or very gently used yoga props (particularly mats!) to either use inside our facilities or to provide to students when they are released. Please email us at info@lemonadesf.org if you want to donate. We can let you know if what you have is a match for our program.


Fundraising and Other Activities

We are always happy to have people help us with fundraising, projects, and other administrative activities. We are successful because so many people have shared their talents with us!

Please reach out at info@lemonadesf.org and let us know what you might be interested in helping us with, and we will let you know if there is a need, and how we can best use your skills.


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